Wine List

All of our wines contain between 11% and 15% ABV.
Wines by the glass are also available in a 125ml measure.

White Wine


Chenin Blanc, Still Bay, South Africa

South Africa’s classic white grape varietal, this Chenin Blanc has mouthwatering, tropical fruits balanced by a racy acidity. 

18.95 4.75 6.50

The Winking Prawn White, Italy

Soft, ripe pear and apple avours with a fresh finish. It works very well with white fish dishes. 

19.95 5.00 6.90
Sauvignon Blanc, Las Condes, Chile

Intensely oral with elder ower notes and a touch of crisp, citrus fruit on the nish. 

20.95 5.40 7.25

Pinot Grigio, Col di Sotto, Italy

Fresh and crisp with a cream soda nose and classic melon and peach flavours.
18.95 4.75 6.25
Chardonnay, La Doutelle, France

A delicious, silky white with pear, apple and notes of honey and almond. Easy-drinking, refreshing yet delicate. Perfect with fish. 

20.95 5.40 7.25

Rioja Blanco, Marques de Altillo, Spain 

A fruity, fresh nose with crisp pear and apple flavours. A perfect match for fish and seafood. 

23.00  5.75  7.75

Chardonnay, La Doutelle, France 

A beautifully, crafted white wine with full, abundant, tropical fruit avours. 


Viognier, Les Grès, France 

Bursting with stone fruit aromas of peach and apricots followed by a dollop of vanilla cream. 


Picpoul de Pinet, Le Gastronomie, France 

Fresh, orchard fruit and oral aromas, leading to a refreshing palate with elegant, citrus hints. 


Sauvignon Blanc, Francesca Bay, New Zealand

A wonderful concentration of fresh, crisp gooseberries, apples and pear. 


Albariño, Veiga Naum, Spain

Pale golden lemon in colour; crisp, elegant, fresh and aromatic. 


Petit Chablis, Domaine du Colombier, Burgundy, France 

A classic Petit Chablis loaded with minerals, citrus and white flowers. Perfectly balanced. 


Red Wine


Pinotage, Still Bay, South Africa
Soft, smoky flavours with plum and cherry fruit, a great example of Pinotage.

18.85 4.75 6.50

The Winking Prawn Red, Italy
Lovely, soft and spicy with herbaceous cherries and violets on the nose.

18.85 5.00 6.90

Merlot, Las Condes, Chile

Red and stone fruits with a herbal quality on the nose. This develops to show ripe plum flavours. 


5.40 7.25

Shiraz, Red Rock, Australia  

Black stone fruit and bramble notes with a hint of truf e on the nose. 


Rioja, Viña Amate, Spain 

An easy-drinking wine with bright, fruity notes of black cherry and plum. 


Malbec, Finca La Niña, Argentina 

Ripe red and black fruit flavours perfectly balanced with spice, chocolate and coffee notes. 


Pinot Noir, Francesca Bay, New Zealand 

Aged in oak casks, this fine wine has a vibrant colour and a complex abundance of strawberry, cherry and dark berry fruit. 


Rioja Reserva, Viña Amate, Spain 

Aged for 18 months in oak barrels, creating a smooth wine with aromas of raisins and vanilla. 


Rosé Wine


The Winking Prawn Rosé, France  

A fruity, aromatic wine with a well-balanced palate of cherries and watermelon. 

18.95 4.75 6.50 

Pinot Grigio Rosé, La Casada, Italy

An oddity of the wine world that is wonderfully refreshing with crisp, fresh red fruit flavours. 

22.00 5.65 7.50

Zinfandel, Borrego Springs, USA
A fresh, lively wine with a refreshing, crisp finish of strawberries and melon.

22.00 5.65 7.50


Rouviere Rosé Château Routas, France 

Freshly cut watermelon, ripe peach aromas and oral notes lead to a palate alive with wild strawberries and hints of mineral notes. Crisp acidity and a refreshing nish. 


Rouviere Rosé Château Routas, France - Magnum 

Freshly cut watermelon, ripe peach aromas and oral notes lead to a palate alive with wild strawberries and hints of mineral notes. Crisp acidity and a refreshing nish. 






Prosecco,Tiamo, Italy
Delicate, lightly floral but not lacking in rich fruit of apple and pear.


Winking Prawn Cava Rosado NV, Spain  
Appetising aromas of ripe red fruits. Refreshing, full flavoured and dry.

   22.95  3.95

Prosecco, Barocco NV, Italy 
Perfect for any special occasion. Zippy apple and citrus overtones with a dry finish.


Champagne, Ayala Brut Majeur NV, France 
Beautifully balanced with good weight and complexity.


Champagne, Bollinger Special Cuvée NV, France 
Rich and intense on the nose and palate with a long, satisfying finish.


Dessert Wine


Muscat de St Jean de Minervois, France
Sweet and delicate with aromas of raisins, orange peel, toffee and cinnamon.

14.50 4.95