Meet the head chef at Island Street Bar & Grill

Posted by thewinkingprawn on January 18, 2017

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Island Street Bar & Grill re-opens this week with a new menu to celebrate 2017, we thought you might like to meet the man behind the foodie magic - head chef Nick Laver-Vincent…

What does your average day involve?

Making sure the kitchen is ready for service, ensuring the menu is prepped, keeping up to speed on the paperwork, briefing the front of house team on any menu changes and specials, and of course, cooking!  

What’s the best thing about working at Island Street? 

We have a great team here.  I’m fortunate enough to have developed a great working relationship with Luke; we both have a strong vision of the direction we want to go in. I’m also lucky to have been blessed with a great kitchen team over the eight months since I started: Toby, Jamie, Dave, Dumitru, Mariusz, Natalia and Ben, you’ve all been brilliant.


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What’s your favourite thing on the new menu and why? 

If I had to pick one thing, then it would be the Jamaican fish curry with lime and coconut rice and pineapple salsa.  In around 20 years in the trade, I think it’s one of the tastiest things I’ve cooked. A warming hit of Scotch bonnet pepper and layers of traditional Caribbean spices, it’s banging!  I pride myself on making as much as possible in-house, it’s how we create the unique flavours that keep people coming back. I don’t buy in sauces or marinades; what’s the point of being a chef if you use homogenised mass produced flavours? If you know what you’re doing, then homemade always tastes better.


Tell us something most people won’t know about the new menu…

We’re moulding the menu to fit the beach bar vibe of the Bar & Grill, looking to put out a more soul food influenced menu.  So things like our amazing BBQ ribs are staying, and will be joined by Southern Fried Chicken, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, and more dishes and specials inspired by the cuisine from Southern USA and the Caribbean.

What’s the best cocktail on the menu and why? 

The espresso martini, we put a slug of Patron Coffee Tequila in ours as well as Kahlua; it really sets it apart from others I’ve tasted.

Complete this sentence: I love Island Street Bar & Grill because...

It’s a great place to work! There’s a funky vibe to the place and it’s a real party bar, but we take our product very seriously.  We’re serious about having fun… if that makes sense!


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What’s your favourite thing about working in Salcombe? 

It’s just a stunningly beautiful place to both live and work, a real privilege. Devon is a wonderful part of the world to be a chef anyway, but being in Salcombe where I can see the boats bringing in my Lobster, Crab and Fish; from my kitchen door is amazing.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Salcombe when you’re not working? 

Again, it’s such a privilege to live somewhere with such abundant beauty. I love taking my darling little girl to play on the beach in the summer, or walks in the less clement months, even at 2 ¾ she’s fast developing into a real foodie, a definite chip off the old block.