Live music, live sports & events

Bringing you the best of local and national talent, Island Street invites you to experience regular live music and seasonal events in a relaxed environment that’s all about good vibes.

From classic covers to acoustic favourites, each act adds to the eclectic atmosphere and tastes that bring people together for an evening of good food, good company and entertainment in the heart of Salcombe.



Six Nations- Wales V England

Saturday, 23rd February at 16:45


Six Nations- Italy V Ireland

Sunday, 24th February at 15:00


Six Nations- Scotland V Wales

Saturday, 9th March at 14:15


Six Nations- England V Italy

Saturday, 9th March at 16:45


Six Nations- Ireland V France

Sunday, 10th March at 15:00


Six Nations- Italy V France

Saturday, 16th March at 12:30


Six Nations- Wales V Ireland

Saturday, 16th March at 14:45


Six Nations- England V Scotland

Saturday, 16th March at 17:00


Live music - Rob Hunt - Super Saturday

Saturday, 16th March at 22:00


Live music - Rob Hunt

Saturday, 13th April at 22:00


Live music - Rob Hunt - Bank Holiday

Saturday, 26th May at 18:00


Live music - The Andy Quick Band

Saturday, 8th June at 22:00