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The Winking Prawn Group

A family run business that started nearly 20 years ago in Salcombe, The Winking Prawn Group now has three sites including two beach cafés, and a bar and grill. They all have their own unique sense of style and excitement with high standards and good taste, from the music to the food, and of course the lovely South Coast locations.  We always look forward to meeting our customers both old and new.  

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Hot toddies at the ready - Apres Street’s back!

Over the last week we’ve undergone a winter metamorphosis, and have re-emerged in our ski gear with hot toddies at the ready, as…
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Salcombe Live music festival at Island Street Bar & Grill

As you may already know, the weekend of 11th to 13th October marks the inaugural Salcombe Live music festival and we couldn’t me…
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