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The Winking Prawn Group

A family run business that started nearly 20 years ago in Salcombe, The Winking Prawn Group now has four sites including two beach cafés, a bar and grill and a coffee kitchen and bar. They all have their own unique sense of style and excitement with high standards and good taste, from the music to the food, and of course the lovely Salcombe locations.  We always look forward to meeting our customers both old and new.  

01548 842326

Gluten free at Island Street Bar & Grill

At Island Street Bar & Grill our big passion is good, simple food done well, and that’s something we want everyone to be able to…
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Brunch at Island Street Bar & Grill

Brunch has got to be one of the best inventions of all time, and now Island Street Bar & Grill has a new brunch menu available…
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